Neo trapped in a subway station named Mobil Ave.

Hello there. This is the second post of the OOP Series. In this post, we will learn what is Inheritance. If it is your first time in the OOP series, please first check the previous posts about Construct and OOP Series — What is an Object? If you are ready let’s connect to Construct.

Suppose you are a software developer at the zoo. Due to Covid-19 executives decided to make a simulation of the zoo. First, they asked you to develop a simulation of bird species. After reading the first post of the OOP Series you…

Hello there. This post will be an introduction to the OOP series. In this series, we will talk about Object-Oriented concepts. As I mentioned in the previous post, you do not need to know a specific programming language or modeling language. After learning the concepts you will gain skills to apply to your favorite OO programming language. But for the sake of better understanding, I will give UML examples and some code examples in Java. But you are free to choose your favorite programming language and try these examples. But before, let’s talk about the fundamentals of OO concepts.

What is an Object?


A Construct is a virtual workspace or created to run simulations or upload virtual objects.

If you’ve watched The Matrix movie there is a scene where the operator (Tank) uploads combat programs to Neo. In this series, I will try to upload software skills to you. I will be the operator you will be the “chosen one”.

Kanan Hagverdiyev

Software Engineer

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